Friday, 10 June 2016

Today's hair

I had an idea to tuck in the ends of my braids when I do a crown wrap.

Hair is in two Dutch braids...

I wrapped the braids around, tucked them under themselves, then pulled slightly to keep the wrap tight.
Then used a small elastic to tie the two braids to each other at the ends.

Twisted the two braids together.

Pushed a Ron Quattro pin through the braids near the elastic.

And tucked everything under the braids.
Good thing my ends are thin enough that a little "bun" like that can be hidden under the braids, haha (Cry)

I really liked it.

Quite smooth to look at, with none of the usual hair sticks to hold everything up.


  1. This is one hairstyle I've never been able to look good in. I think it's because of my fringe. I love how this looks on you! :)

    1. I would actually think a fringe would look really cute with this? Maybe I should try with one of the clip ins ;)