Sunday, 26 June 2016

Today's hair

Last summer I kept having issues with breakouts along the hairline at my neck from the summer heat. This year I have tried to keep my use of single buns at the base of my head to a minimum, and so far it seems to have kept the problem at bay.

But now maybe I will develop problems where the double braids or buns have their base...?
Sensitive skin, thick hair and hot, sweaty weather is really not a good combination...


  1. I'm in the same boat and my hair isn't anywhere near as thick/long as yours. It's just where the darn sweat glands are---at the back of our necks. I've been using airy sun hats when teaching and my helmet is vented, my hair is up in a braid of some form or bun, and I'm still breaking out there. I think the side braids will be better only because the sweat glands are just at the base of the neck, not at the sides....I'm finding having wet hair (freshly washed) before heading outside is helping loads at the barn. If I braid it wet, it will stay wet and keep me cool--maybe try this? Ps--love your cargo pants!!

  2. Good luck with your derma...I have the same problem in the front where a hat band rides on my forehead. But being fair skinned, there's no way I'm going in the sun without something up there. Ugh...