Saturday, 2 July 2016

Today's hair

Out and about with some friends in the sun.

I've been listening to Babymetal all day. It's a concept I want to hate with all my metal-loving heart, but I just... can't.
It's just too damn catchy. Really, really catchy.

What can I say? I give: They make me want to headbang...

Anyways. They also made me want to do something involving twin tails. My idea was originally something like double knotty buns where part of my hair is hanging loose, but I ended up making two braids to pin up.
Still liked the result!

Slightly odd cropping to keep a friend's face out.

Love the coppery shine in the sun!


  1. Lady Igor >>> quite beautiful! (and yes the copper color is outstanding ♥)

  2. Lovely!!! And I love your make up too! Very natural :)

    1. Thank you! It was only quite recently I learned how to do an eye makeup that is actually flattering for my hooded eyes, so I'm really thrilled to receive a compliment on it! :)