Saturday, 16 July 2016

Today's hair

About time I tried the "Literally every girl on Pinterest"-boxer braid style. I don't see that style a lot in the wild, but it sure is popular online!

My main worry with this was the center part. I parted it ever so slightly to the side to avoid elongating my face and bringing too much focus on my chin.

The front part got a bit too big, so I lost some of the "crown" effect.

I didn't manage to braid tightly enough, so it sagged a bit instead of being as tight as I wanted. Also, it would have looked nicer with the braids placed further back towards the parting.

The parts got a bit too small on one side, so it ended up sagging at the neck too.

It was surprisingly hard to "tilt" my normal braiding pattern: I felt I had to think about what I was doing a lot, instead of just going on muscle memory.

Well, overall for a first try at a new style, I'm fairly happy with it. I think "I don't hate it" is well enough for a new style-attempt.

Overall, I liked the effect.
Not bad for a first attempt!


  1. It's GORGEOUS! And you do it better than all the Hollywood girls ♥

  2. Lady Igor, the style looks awesome, as usual. I found it interesting that you parted the hair slightly on the side to actually avoid elongating the face! All I want to do is elongate my face. That's why I always do the poof on the top of my head. The first time I started doing it, I remember one guy looking intensely at it, while talking to me, so looking at my face, but above it. It was kind of funny.

  3. WOW! I love it! And every time I see your face, I see Princess Diana resemblance. :)