Sunday, 10 July 2016

That was fast

Hmm. I had honestly thought I would take at least a month off, maybe two: That would allow me some vacation at the same time as hubby for once.

But yesterday, administrator-friend popped up on Skype and the conversation pretty much went like this:
Her: How's it going with the vacation? Started looking for jobs yet?
Me: Uh, not really....
Me: *Side-eye to the two half written applications I haven't touched for days*
Me: [Embarrassed smiley]
Her: [Giggle smiley]
Her: Want to start upstairs on the first of august?
Me: .... Ok.
So there went my vacation plans. Hmm.

It's another project-based job for 3-4 months, which was what I didn't want. But it's in a place I know, where I know a lot of my future co-workers already and I know it's pretty nice there. I'm also rather overqualified for it, so it might be pretty easy and I still get my full pay for it.

So it has some good sides and some bad sides. But I can look around for other work while I'm there.

It also affects my planned "bumming around and do nothing for a while". Damn.
Suddenly I have to actually tackle my "Want to read"-list and my assorted "Stuff I want to get done"-list.

I had plans about conditioning my hair a lot and doing a light henna gloss (It's been a long time! Like, months?)
So, time to get moving on that...
Maybe also take a look at my "assorted ideas" folder for my blog and see if there is something I should write before my workload goes up again?
Do you guys have anything you would like me to write about?


  1. I would love more travelogues on Sweden/Denmark.
    Of course that doesn't totally agree with your shortened vacation time.
    Either way it's all good.

    1. I always assumed too much "everyday" stuff was a little boring to my readers :) I mean, people come here for hair stuff, right?
      But yea, I can totally do some posts on my surroundings, sightseeing stuff and local culture and such! Actually it would help me get off my ass and actually experience something with the little bit of free time I have left. I will get right on it :)

  2. I always enjoy seeing hair styles and what you find works in the heat/with hats and with your job--though I don't know what you do for a living, I'm figuring it still requires you to keep your hair back ;) So, maybe hair styles for summer/work/play/home or something like that? It will help too because I'm sure you may have old photos you can use if you can't do new photos. :)

    1. That's a good idea: There is definitely a difference in the suitability for different hairstyles, not to mention the signal value it has.

  3. I totally agree with Darkhorse and Indiefan, articles on your travels and practical everyday life hair styles would be great!

    As for me, I'd love your thoughts on whether you found some skinless aloe vera products (or not!), and also about your thoughts on organic coconut oil.
    I've seen on one of your pictures that you had a KTC bottle. I did a bad reaction to this brand too (actually it's cheap crap), and discarded coconut oil for a few years. I then discovered organic virgin coconut oil and it's a totally different thing! ;)


    1. Your comment actually left me speechless for a bit XD And then a little embarrassed! And I should be: When I know I have an intolerance to aloe vera, this is something I should seriously have read up on!
      So I guess that answers your first question: No, I haven't found any skinless aloe vera products *embarrassed grin*
      I just tend to avoid them when I can, and if a product turns out to contain aloe vera, I discard it if I react to it. Yea, so random and uncoordinated! I really should read up on this!
      I honestly didn't know there was such a difference on coconut oil? I will definitely try to get some organic, expensive stuff and see how it works for me. I just assumed coconut as a whole didn't work for my skin (Although my hair likes it)so I use it only in limited amounts. This is definitely worth experimenting with! Thank you :)