Friday, 8 July 2016


When did I last trim?
If I got a trim last month, I didn't blog about it, so I guess maybe I didn't?
Well, I asked Hubby to take off 5-6 cm to make up for it and stay on the trim back-plan.

Slightly messy "before" 

"After", where Hubby didn't feel my head was important to get in the shot?

It's funny, now that I've made the decision to trim back to mid thigh, it still feels like I'm not really getting anywhere! It's just like when I was growing to knee-length: It's such a long, long stretch that even with a plan, it will take a while. Half of 2016 has passed already and I still seem to be "stuck" around knee-length!

It actually makes me quite happy to see this amount of hair on the floor. 
Some of the trims I had when it was at its longest was just 50 hairs or so.

I'm still very happy with my decision to trim back to mid thigh length. I really enjoy feeling how my ends are getting thicker and are getting easier to get to for detangling and braiding.


  1. Wow! Looking good!! Sadly, if I trimmed my ends to thicken them, I'd be mid back. Meh, some day ;)

  2. Building nice volume at the ends. Relax, grow, trim, enjoy. And a shout out to DH for cooperating in the venture!

    BTW you've had awesome hair for such a long while now I think you fail to appreciate the awesomeness sometimes...