Friday, 12 August 2016

Inositol: Month two

To repeat myself a bit:
Inositol or vitamin B8 or benosine monophosphate is no longer classified as a vitamin because it is synthesized by the human body, just like the other vitamin B's B4 (Adenine) and B7 (Biotin, also known as vitamin H).
It is necessary for hair growth to keep follicles healthy at the cellular level.
Inositol has showed beneficial effect in studies on dermotillomania and other OCD or anxiety issues.

It has now been two months since I started taking inositol and as per the plan, I've been upping the dosage with 1 gram per week. Which means that as I write this, I'm taking 8 gram a day (4 x 2 gram).

And... Yes, I'm seeing an effect.

The last week or two, it has come to my attention that I have two kinds of picking:
  • The conscious one: Something irritates or tickle my skin and when I move to scratch it, it turns into picking if I can get my fingers into something. 
  • The unconscious one: I don't even know I'm picking because my attention is at something else. I don't even notice until I feel blood under my nails. 
The unconscious one is definitely the one I do the most: Maybe 90-95% of the picking happens like this.
My most common trigger for this behavior is when I'm trying to relax in a situation but I'm stressed or mentally occupied by something else. So I unconsciously pick to try to relax myself in the situation.

The last week or two, I haven't caught myself unconsciously picking. Like, at all.
If I do pick unconsciously, I don't pick to a point where I draw blood.

It might not sound dramatic to some of my dear readers, but this is an enormous difference to me. I've struggled with this for at least a decade, and inositol has really helped me.

So I'd like to officially recommend anyone who struggles with OCD and/or anxiety to give this a try.


  1. Wonderful results. I give this very high credibility because of your scientific approach to things. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the benefit.

    1. Indeed :) I'm very, very happy with this! It haven't been a cure all for me, but I appreciate anything that helps.
      I do however feel my scientific training is near it's limit with this... I was never good with chemistry, still isn't, and this is something I could really use being better at chemistry for...

    2. Being in the long hair community, you are probably familiar if not a friend of Lucy Bishonenrancher from Canada. She has under grad education in biochem and is currently doing post grad in nutrition. So she could be a possible resource in the future if needed.

    3. Ooooh, thank you! I did not know that! I think I will actually contact her! Thank you again :)