Monday, 8 August 2016

Yoga for hair

The other day when I was rinsing conditioner out of my hair, it occurred to me that I was basically going through some yoga poses!
Of course mostly I will use my hands to scritch, massage and comb my hair while rinsing, so these aren't completely identical. But the realisation still made me smile.

Ardha Uttanasana

This is usually the one I start off with: Bending forward, dumping my hair into the bath tub and using the shower head to rinse the length and scalp.
It's great for rinsing out the bulk of conditioner without getting wet all over, which can make me cold before I've gotten anywhere with the rinsing.


This is continued from the Ardha Uttanasana-pose above: I shift back and forth some to get to rinse the scalp and length.


When I get into the tub after rinsing the bulk of the conditioner out, I like having some water in the tub. I then switch back and forth between this position and sitting upright. It allows me to soak my hair in the water while using the flow of water to clean my scalp.
This is especially good for cassia-treatments where you want the bulk of grains out of your hair with as little rubbing and scrubbing as possible.


When I'm sure my hair is getting close to clean, I start sitting up and using the flow of the water to gently roll my hair back. This makes excessive combing and handling unnecessary.
Hair is fragile and stretchy while wet, so making a habit out of limiting handling is a good thing!
You should always focus on cleaning your scalp, but not comb your wet hair unless it's necessary for tangles or shifting it from one pose to the other.


This is my final pose in the cleaning process: I like to sit back, relax and give my scalp the last bit of attention. Leftover product on my scalp can make me break out. I comb, scritch and massage the scalp. Then I let the water gently rinse my hair backwards to prepare to braid it or put it up after.


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