Thursday, 27 September 2018

Today's hair

Okay, so here is a random advantage to the Royal bun: It's super comfortable to drive with.
Usually my buns get in the way of the headrest (Some times I have even taken a bun out for driving), but this one sits so high that I can keep my head back in a more normal angle.


  1. I like!! I hope things are well with school and work. :) Remember to get sleep and have some fun! :)

    1. Thank you!
      So far everything has been good and it feels awesome to get back in school again, but sleep and fun... Eeehhh, not so much time for that. Not that i want to complain since I chose and paid for it myself but wow, I really miss being able to go to bed without knowing the alarm is set. Sleeping in would be heavenly!

    2. I hear you---but I think it was a wonderful choice!! And if you have holidays then you can sleep in I hope! :)
      Funny, I've had to take out buns too given my head rest, but just in my current car (Honda). I don't have any preferred height for the buns I wear, but usually if I'm heading to work, they are low so I can put a helmet on (or hat). That hasn't been working lately so I have high buns for the drive, then have to re-position for riding. :)