Saturday, 29 September 2018

The Nodosaurus

Since we have nowhere we need to go this weekend, I decided to do a Nodosaurus.
For some reason, the pictures I took for my old tutorials have simply ceased to exist? Perhaps when Blogger moved upload-site to Google photos?

So I wanted Hubby to help me take pictures for a new one.of course mr. Igor was more interested in being funny annoying, so this didn't turned out like planned.

The Nodosaurus is named for the armored "tail" it results in.

Since there is no Nodosaurus-song, here is the Brontosaurus instead...


It's a good idea to do this is your pajamas or some old clothes, since there is a high risk of getting conditioner on your clothes.
Start off with damp and detangled hair.

You need one plastic bag and a bandage...

...And your treatment of choice.
I'm using one of my favorites, Somang Redflo Camellia Hair Treatment.

Leave the water running so you don't get conditioner everywhere when you need to wash your hands.

Start braiding your hair...

...Braid to about shoulder length

At around shoulder length, bring it forward over your shoulder.

And start adding your conditioner to the damp length.

(And as you can tell from my unimpressed expression, this is where Hubby started unfolding his "amusing" personality)

Distribute conditioner to the length and braid.

It can be a real acrobatic exercise to avoid getting conditioner on your clothes!

Of course it helps if you don't have a funny annoying person to entertain pester you in the bathroom.

Two commonly seen expressions on my face:
"I know where you live!"
"Meh, I still love you"

If your hair is as long as mine, poke a hole through the braid...

...And pull the length through.

Wrap the length around the braid itself until it's a fitting length for your plastic bag.

This is where you will be happy you left the water running!
If you keep leaning forward a little, the conditioned braid won't touch your clothes and you can continue without getting conditioner everywhere.

Put the braid into a plastic bag.

Pull the plastic bag through the braid as well.

(Ignore your "hilarious" Hubby)

Start wrapping the bandage around the plastic bag.

"Lock" the plastic bag down by wrapping the bandage over the part of the bag you pulled through the braid. This keeps it from slipping off your hair.

Tighten the bandage as you go.

(Ignore your "hilarious" Hubby some more)

Tie the bandage off.

And since mr. Igor will annoy me until I share: He wants you all to know how funny he is and how much he knows of meme's, so it was very important to him that you all know he thinks the Nodosaurus looks more like...

Very amusing. You're all obligated to laugh.


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