Monday, 1 October 2018


This week is body-focused repetitive behavior-week.
Since I have dermatillomania myself, I would like to take a post out of my regular hair-posting-schedule to spread awareness.

There is a lot of good advice from clever people out there, but for me, the best advice is to pinpoint the problem. When do you pick? Why do you pick?
My own biggest trigger is situations where I should relax, but can't. Like, trying to watch a movie with your loving Hubby, but all I can think of is how many things I have on my to do-list for next week.

My own coping methods

  • Exfoliating regularly on areas I attack to keep dry skin from forming. It's easier to "grab" onto
  • Moisturize for the same reason
  • Keep nails short and smooth, same reason
  • Block access to picking: Facial masks and hand masks can help for short amounts of time
  • Mess with your skin in the good way. Clarisonic/Foreo, mud mask, moisture mask etc can help
  • Mess with something else to keep my hands busy
  • Watch someone else messing with their skin. Youtube is helpful. There is a surprisingly big "market" for videos like that. The key is to find your "thing"since there are so many types of videos: Plucking out hairs, removing ingrown hairs, whiteheads, blackheads, blackheads in ears, nodules, etc.


  1. If your face is round you need to create the illusion of length, and to do this, you can have your hair cut just below your chin, or in graduated layers.

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    1. She is not looking to cut her hair. This is a site for long hair maintenance.

  2. It's interesting how I know people who do these things (and it grosses me out to no end). I am a scab picker, but not to the point where I HAVE to--I was just picking some scabs on my scalp. I think people need to understand that there is normal picking, but what you suffer from is compulsive picking--that you feel you HAVE to all the time. You are so brave to post this and I know it is helpful to many people! Hugs to you!!!

    1. Thank you <3
      I think it's important to show our weaknesses and our struggles instead of that annoying pinterest-perfect life. That just makes everyone more anxious about our flaws and issues... Why can't we all just be honest?
      Like how you admit you pick on your scalp: Some people would never "dare" to do that, which is really sad actually.