Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Christmas calendars

You all know I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to Christmas calendars. Last year I got four really nice ones for myself. This year I have controlled myself a little more.

Wasn't really so hard to stop myself though! Last year had a lot of (surprising) failures and I just didn't feel as excited about the selection this year.

The almost shocking failure last year was Lumenes calendar. I was super excited about it, and it was just a near complete failure for me. The only product two I ever really got any use out of was the beauty serum, which despite the name was more of a BB cream, and the Glow boost essence, which I liked enough to repurchase in full size. But the cream in the same line caused me a painful breakout because it contained sea buckthorn which the essence does not.
The calendar last year also contained a lot of creams, and I've come to a point where I think my skin just doesn't like creams in general? Too heavy products cause clogged pores and irritation for me. I need multiple layers of lighter products such as toners, essences, ampoules, serums and SPF or maybe a light lotion on top. No creams.

The cool thing about the failures from last year was that a lot of the products were so nice that I could put them in my "potential gifts" pile. Every time I had a birthday or event that required gifts, I could grab an extra from the pile. I always found something in the pile that the person could enjoy: A cream I didn't dare use, an eyebrow product I would never use anyways, some handcream with way too much perfume in it... It made me look like a super considerate friend who had spent a lot of time looking around for a luxurious extra gift.

So, here are the two Christmas calendars I have ordered for myself this year:

Look fantastic
This one was my second-favorite last year! And the box was seriously pretty (I kept it, but have no clue what to use it for)
This year it looks less pretty and a lot like the Skinstore calendar from last year, but the contents seems just as promising.

The surprising favorite last year was the Rituals calendar!
I used, and enjoyed every single product in the calendar from last year (I think?) within a few months, so I'm getting the pretty 3D model this year.

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