Sunday, 18 November 2018

On weird habits

Often when you explain the basics of growing healthy long hair to other people,you get a weird look. Benign neglect, CO wash, S&D etc. seems like such a bizarre idea to people.

But I have a single thing that even I think is slightly weird: I remove the tags of all my shirts and sweaters to not damage my hair.

I got the idea some 10+ years ago and spent an entire day removing the tags.
You pay so much attention to your tools being smooth and hair friendly, but what about shirts?
After all, you pull something over your head at least four times a day. Surely that must add up to a lot of damage?

Not so sure it actually does, but meh, it can't hurt. Right?
By now it has pretty much become a habit when I get new clothes.
If nothing else, it does limit the itching and scratching from tags. So I guess this falls under the "I'm not sure it actually does anything but I guess it can't hurt"-rule. 


  1. I think a lot of girls do not understand the basic premise of taking care of length. You see so many with BSL or more but the ends are in bad condition and stringy thin I'm sure they wonder why they can't get more length. The knowledge is out there (this blog a wonderful example) but many have no clue. It's not all about growth rate and products, it's about preserving hair quality.
    Years ago there was a very interesting blog (which I've totally forgotten the name of....from California USA) where she said "if you want long hair, wear it up for 10 years and you'll be good". No instant pudding but lots of truth.

    1. Someone once said something about taking all those tiny little bits of damage you do every day without even thinking about it, and then multiplying it by months, years, decades... It all adds up, some times even to massive amounts.
      ... But I will forever hate the "Treat hair like antique lace" advice because it gives the wrong idea. You should still *do* fun stuff with your hair, like putting it up and experimenting with it. Stuff you wouldn't ever do with antique lace...

  2. My reaction to this post before reading it: "OMG! I do the EXACT SAME THING!"

    For me though, this has been a practice since I was a wee child, because my dear skin will break out in a massive rash. Never understood why either. My Mom had to cut out ALL tags and later, I did it. And elastic in anything on the wrists (nightgowns were brutal!) would cause hot, itchy, blistered skin. Those had to be removed by my Mom with a seam ripper, remove elastic and then stitch back up. I don't do this now since I wear just night shirts/short sleeves. Ugh. My SIL is like this too so I don't feel so bad :D

    1. Wow. You actually had skin issues from elastics and tags? Holy crap. And I thought I have sensitive skin!!