Sunday, 24 March 2019

The quest for "healthy"

I started back at university again this month. Not that I needed more on my plate right now, but I went for it anyways. Even though I often cursed my decision for going back to school last year, I am really happy I did. being able to put last years course on my CV is just plain showing off at this point and I love it. I assume the same will happen again this year: Sure I will be tired and cranky a lot, but in the long run I will forget I was ever tired and appreciate the extra ECTs points and diplomas. 

Overall, I'm very happy.
Tired, but happy!

I do my "trampy toes" thing even more than usual. I'm not sure I can explain why, but having dramatic and colourful toenails makes me very happy. It has a good effort vs. effect ratio and it makes me happy every time I notice it. Maybe because my "seen" aesthetic is so natural and muted, it feels good to have a hidden, colourful secret that only Mr Igor and I see in person.

I even started going to the gym in December last year. It seemed like a good idea since my job is so sedentary. I didn't think I would enjoy it, but now I go with Mr Igor, Engineer-Friend and Author-Friend at least once a week! It's actually been quite fun and I enjoy going as a group like that.

So, the only thing missing in my life right now?

My sleep is still lagging. 
I just don't get enough sleep, period. And when do I try to sleep, it isn't easy to fall asleep and it doesn't feel very satisfying once I wake up. I guess I can blame my genes for this one?

I purchased and will experiment with some sleep aids. Maybe I can find something that will help. At least I guess it won't hurt? It's probably not easy to tell for sure if something helps or not.

Also... I love the utter nerdiness of this packaging!


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  2. My best two aids for better sleep...daily exercise and outdoor time.
    Of course not easy to do in the winter especially.
    We were made to be outdoor people...only in the last 50-100 years of history have we stayed indoors most of the time during the day

    1. You are right :) I always sleep very well when I'm in the country with my parents. Sun, wind, the sea and outdoors is great for that.
      But it's hard for me to find the time for that. (Actually, I take that back: It's hard for me to find so much time in my day that I chose to prioritise just that)

  3. For me Melatonin is helping to fall asleep. It's also a powerful antioxidant.

    1. I will look into that! I'm sold on it being an anti oxidant, haha. It seems to be prescription only in most of EU, but maybe I could be sneaky.... hmm.

  4. I find you very awesome for taking up studies while working. I have trouble staying on track with an online course I take from Coursera and have dropped my gym membership and guilty try to work out at home (which I don't regularly), but I really just get my lazy bum up more and sign up for a Pilates class or something. Would also get me more out of the house, but I'm introverted, so....

    Regarding sleep, I've had success with Melantonin, but had to experiment with the dosage a little. I get quite good results from taking 2mg right when going to bed, by placing it under my tongue. I usually read a bit in bed and I find I fall asleep quicker and more restful even when I felt restless before.

    1. It's definetely not easy and I regret it a lot right now =/
      But in the long run, it will make me happy.
      I would really struggle with an online course for sure! And I would probably have dropped the gym too if it wasn't for hubby and my friends :) a little peer pressure goes a long way...