Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Reply from P&G

Well, I want to share the reply from Procter&Gamble in all it's condescending glory.
Link to my Google photos with the reply from P&G
I didn't have high expectations because contacting a company like this usually just results in "Aw, poor you, whatever", but this is pretty bad.

I have in my hands solid proof that this product doesn't do what it's supposed to because it simply doesn't have the right ingredients for it, and what it's advertised to do and I basically get a condescending headpat because "personal sensitivity to any ingredient is very individual and may happen". Yep, because that was the issue I had with their product.



  1. I have to say I'm slightly impressed as this does not appear to be a totally robotic machine written reply, although there may be a good bit of cut and paste from a master file.

    1. That has to be the only positive thing about this! XD

  2. They look genuine to me. They seem to be concerned for your scalp and are asking you to hold onto the bottle for possible testing---I've had less written about products that I have emailed about. I'm behind on your blog so I'll have to play catch up about this....