Thursday, 10 October 2019

Trim day

I don't believe in the Lunar hair care idea, but I also can't see why it could hurt. Of course it doesn't help me believe in this more when the different sources can't agree to what days should be beneficial, and for what aspects, but whatever...
According to the European dates, there is a full moon which should be good for strengthening hair October 10th to 12th.
So why not trim after the dates since I happen to have found a day that fits with when I have the time to S&D and trim anyways? I wouldn't go out of my way to make it fit into my other plans, but why not trim today since I have time anyways?

So anyways.

Maybe some day I'll try the Morocco Method products too. Looking over them, I see nothing special about the ingredient lists. But they list their ingredients on the website! Praise the hair gods! Extra points for that to Morocco Method!
But they are pretty well known in the longhair circuit, so it could be fun to try. It almost feels like one of those "Should try" things.


I had mr Igor trim off two centimeter today and had him take pictures of the results. Unfortunately the weird October light (Sharp and summery one second and completely gone the next) made the pictures basically worthless which I didn't see until after I transferred them to my computer.

And mr Igor didn't check I had enough of my calves in the picture, which is... Pretty important when you have below knee-length hair?

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  1. Wherever the ends actually are, it's amazingly long! Great work as always, thank you for educating and inspiring beautiful hair. ♥