Sunday, 13 October 2019

Ew, gross

I washed my hair today (Well, CO-washed anyways) and grabbed my trusty scalp scrubber/massager.
And noticed there was some really disgusting residue inside it. Ew!

Unfortunately it makes sense that with the design of this scrubber/massager, you will have water and shower residue trapped inside it. I guess without the soft and flexible "pad" under it, it wouldn't be as comfortable as it is, but that leaves a space for dirt to get trapped in.

I almost threw it out, but I got it in a Memembox five years ago (Wow) and it is just so much better and more comfortable than any other scalp scrubber/massager I have gotten my hands on since. 

So... Cleaning time.
Turned out pretty well, but I wish I could get under that white plastic layer too. Strangely it doesn't look like it gathers residue there?

It did make me wonder about my other hair tools and toys though. Shouldn't things like hair sticks also get dirty from being exposed to leave in-conditioner, sweat, sebum and what else you have going on inside an updo?
Maybe I should gather and clean everything that can be cleaned... Obviously things like wooden tools can't be cleaned, but everything in metal, plastic, silicone and hard rubber should be washable, right?

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