Saturday, 9 November 2019

2019's Christmas calendars

The first Christmas calendar I knew I wanted for 2019 was Rituals 3D calendar. I absolutely loved it last year!

I even kept the cardboard Christmas three from last year.

I also want the Essie Christmas calendar. I almost got it last year, but then it had way too many red-ish colours in it for my taste (Gotta love unboxing videos!) and I opted out because I wanted a bigger range of colours.


This year the colour span seemed way better in my opinion. Not that I really need more nail polishes but, meh. Still something I want.

I also want the Lyko calendar this year. It looks pretty promising.

Unboxing video in Swedish:

The last one I think I will get is Body Shop's Dream Big This Christmas Ultimate Advent Calendar, which is the biggest of three Body Shop calendars.

Body Shop is one of those brands I never really used a lot, but it has received amazing reviews in unboxing videos.


  1. I absolutely love the concept of beauty advent calendars and they all look so pretty, but I unfortunately don't use the vast majority of products in them or am very "meh" about it. I've decided to not get any for that reason, but the Rituals one is really cute. I'd probably keep the tree just because it looks nice :)

    1. Agreed :) Unfortunately, I guess? XD
      A lot of the products I just don't use and a lot of them are just uninteresting, but I really like looking at them (It's like additional Christmas decorations) and I like trying new stuff, even though I might feel "meh" about them. But yea, I should probably approach it from a more pragmatic viewpoint and limit how many I get XD

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