Monday, 18 November 2019

2019's Christmas calendars

Instead of the Essie calendar, I got the Ciaté Christmas calendar. The colours in this one just looked way more fun and interesting, so Essie lost the bid for my attention. As much as I love dramatic polish on my toenails, I just can't justify getting two nail polish calendars in one year.

I mean: Look at this. Look at the range. That is a fully stocked nail polish collection right there, with a wide range of colours and polish types. How could I resist?

I got the Rituals calendar as planned and it's just as cute and festive as last year.

I have "parked" it on top of a book shelf for now.

I also got the Lyko calendar as planned, but it's definitely lacking in the holiday spirit. It's kind of sad and graphic in a boring way, so it's a good thing the drawers slides out and I can just store it under some books or something.

I got the big Body Shop calendar as planned, and although it's very cute it also feels little childish.

I found a surprising newcomer on the Christmas calendar market: A Schwarzkopf Christmas calendar with only hair products in it. How could I resist?

Look how cute it is with soft pastels and winter scenery!
Five calendars were more than I planned, but meh, what can you do?

Last calendar is for hubby. It's a grooming calendar for men, and although I think the contents looks a little basic, maybe hubby will think it's fun. At least he has something to open that isn't candy. Last year I tried to get it, but it sold out before I could get my hands on it.

I also made an advent calendar for hubby. It contains running equipment.

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