Friday, 15 November 2019

Foreo Ufo review

I almost got the mini Ufo instead of the flagship model. It seemed a lot pricier for the big model, just to have a device that can cool and hook up to your phone. But in the end I got the big model anyways. If I was going to splurge, this seemed like a silly detail to hold back on.

First I was really annoyed when it seemed this thing was dependent on the app to work, but then it turned out you only need the app to change settings. You scan the barcode to switch between settings/programs, other than that you just press the button to go.
I feel that the developers missed a good opportunity to let you put your own routine together though!
When I left this as a comment for my app review in the app store, my review was deleted. Hmpf. Not cool.

What I like about it
It seems like a good little moisture and absorption booster. It combines LED light, massage and heat for the mask type I got, but also has a cool routine for another mask type.

What I dislike about it
The little masks you're supposed to clip in there are honestly bad. They slip out of the locking ring and crumple up.
I'm not impressed by the app itself. It keeps needing to reconnect with my device, which should not be necessary.
Also the "Make my day"-program makes the Ufo heat up a lot. Like, a lot. Enough to get really uncomfortable so you have to move it around to keep it comfortable. I know I'm not a skincare expert, but this seems like a bad idea? I mean, I wouldn't want to subject my hair to something that is so hot that it's uncomfortable to touch, so... Ehh.

And maybe it's just me, but I felt that the program was definitely too short to cover my entire face with it? I used the little routine three times on my face: Once for the forehead and once for each cheek. That feels better and less rushed. Maybe if this thing came as a full face covering mask, I could see the point of this?

So I wasn't a fan of the sheet masks that were intended to go with it. But it worked well for helping drive oil into my skin, and it worked very well on top of a sheet mask and a silicone mask. As long as there is a bit of "slip" so it can glide around over the skin. I will probably use it like this in the future.

But overall I'm not really that impressed. I see this thing collecting dust on some shelf. Soon.

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