Monday, 30 December 2019

Mildly interesting

The little Bed & Breakfast I'm staying at for work has again provided a "Mildly interesting" entry.
One of the "leftovers" from previous visitors is this little shampoo tube.

This is the angle I first saw it from:

The first thing I noticed was "Shampoo" and "Den skaldede frisør". Which means "The bald hairdresser".

And I thought "Huh. That's a pretty bold gimmick to go with for a haircare line".

But when I took it down to take a second look, it revealed an extra line on the tube.
"En ny musical af Susanne Bier & Thomas Helmig", which means "A new musical by Susanne Bier & Thomas Helmig".

And it finally clicked that this was a rather clever promotion for the musical based on a movie which was titled Love Is All You Need for the international market, but in Danish was titled The bald hairdresser. Hah.

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