Sunday, 26 January 2020

Hair and surgery

I received some info about healthy living before the surgery. It surprised me how much of this could have been taken directly from a "How to grow your hair out fast"-type article!

But as it has been pointed out many, many times before: Growing healthy hair isn't quantum mechanics, it's just sticking to the advice about general healthy living that we all already know.

The brochure have some classic advice of limiting alcohol intake and stop smoking if possible. Not smoking will aid in healing because the nicotine restricts blood flow.

It also suggests losing weight if possible, which I actually think I will put some effort into. Not that I think I "need" it, but it will make it a lot easier on my foot after surgery if I could weigh just a little less.

The brochure also has points about the diet you should follow before and after surgery.
Except for the part about that you might be constipated and nauseous post surgery, this is very classic hair advice again: Lots of protein to heal the tissue and paying attention to getting vitamins and minerals for the wound healing and forming new blood cells. It even talks about getting fiber and probiotics to aid your digestive system to take up nutrients efficiently and keep from being constipated. Again, this is advice I have read for growing long hair before!

The foods mentioned that you should avoid are also classic "Avoid these foods if you want to grow long hair"-type entries: Sugary foods and sodium-heavy foods, which can cause damaging fluctuations in the blood sugar levels and cause swelling.

The brochure also advice to get as much exercise as you can before surgery to be in good shape and have good blood flow. After the surgery, it advises to move carefully as much as you can tolerate for your pain level. It will increase blood flow, keep you from getting constipated, and prevent complications like pneumonia and deep vein thrombosis (Sounds nasty). I think I will try to get to our local water park for some gentle exercise as soon as I get out of the cast.

So far the only advice that truly seems to differ from the classic "Grow healthy hair 101" is the point about following instructions and advice given by the healthcare professionals. It also points out that you should go to all the follow-up appointments, even if you otherwise feel okay and don't feel like you need it.
...Well, maybe you could find the last part in a "How to grow your hair out"-article done by a hair stylist. Hah.


  1. I've often felt that the advice to growing long and/or healthy hair is very much common sense and sticking somewhat to what is usually claimed healthy. Sure, there are always people who take it to the extreme, but a varied diet, a bit of exercise and not smoking/drinking shouldn't surprise.

    Just thought of something: I got all four wisdom teeth removed several years ago and got full anesthesia for that (was a nice sleep!). If you know that you or people in your family are sensitive to it and react with nausea or being sick, you can ask for something to be put in the general cocktail they give you pre-surgery that suppresses it. It helped a great deal for me, other than a bit of feeling foggy for a couple of hours I didn't have any problems.

    1. Oh, thank you! I had not thought of this. I had anesthesia before, but that was for emergencies, so not the same situation. I will have to ask around and see if there could be any issues with this. Thank you!

  2. Good luck on your surgery and get well soon.
    It would be nice if you would make a blog entry about hair during hospital stay and surgery and hair after surgery because I imagine you can't spend too much time on your hair if you have to take it easy for few days.
    A lot of people cut their hair when it comes to surgery because they don't know how to handle long, heavy hair while recovering from sickness.
    Best wishes!

    1. Thank you! I was thinking I would. I mean, I know they will "kick" me out as soon as I'm up again, so it won't be a long hospital stay, but I think the general grooming after surgery and stuck in a cast might be a problem. I would hope it could give people in similar situations a place to start if I write my experiences down... Big hug!

  3. So, surgery and hair are a funny thing. I had to have emergency surgery when my appendix ruptured (but yes, I did get in a dressage lesson the day before--turns out I already had appendicitis, but I thought it was just ovulation pain. Oopsie).

    I had washed my hair the morning before, and by the time I went to the ER, I was in so much agony, I just had my hair in top knot. It stayed that way for 4 days, aside from the actual surgery, when I took it out because we weren't sure of it's sanitation aspect (and 2 caps later, I managed to keep all my hair contained)

    Funny thing? I did not shed 1 hair in those 4 days. My hair was not oily either. I brushed it and re-put in a top knot, and not 1 hair came out. Maybe it was due to the IV or something that my scalp didn't bug me or maybe I was just too darn sick from the antibiotics to notice.

    Until I got home. Oh mother of first shower and wash...the shedding was brutal---I started to wonder if the hair didn't shed because the body was sort of in a 'crisis' mode and saving it's energy for the basics? Once crisis was over, it went back into regular mode and all that hair that should have shed, did so in what felt like one washing. It was kind of funny, only because I didn't even show signs of hair shedding/issues from this.

    I had to sleep/lay upright for about 3 weeks, as it hurt to lay flat, so a top knot was my friend. I was hot/cold too so keeping hair off my neck was better (then a braid). However, my hair is way shorter than yours and thus, much lighter. Play around with styles that are comfortable while laying. As for hair care---other than that initial shed, I saw no signs of any issues from my surgery---except my hair grew FAST! My hair had been colored just prior to this, and I could see my gray demarkation line after!!! So, there you go---if you want to grow hair fast, just get sick or have surgery (I think this is just a weird thing for me, but whenever I get a fever/sick, my hair grows super fast!)

    Good luck to you!!! (PS--get out of the hospital as fast as you can. There are sick people there y'know :D Jokes aside, you don't sleep/rest in a hospital. OMG--damn IV line alarm seems to go off every 1 second from room to room----it's nuts!)

    1. That is a really strange experience! You know, whenever I try to learn more about hair and surgery, it seems I get some contradicting theories and stories. According to theory, the body should "dump" hair as being far down on the priority list, but then there are experiences like yours! It's pretty confusing.
      Maybe the whole "omg your entire head of hair will die and fall off" is totally exaggerated (Well, yea, I know it is) and the issue will be less with the nutrition aspect, growth and shedding and more purely practical of finding something low maintenance for the days after surgery?
      (But I guess looking into some protein supplements can't hurt...)