Wednesday, 29 January 2020

29 different updos in February challenge

Last year I saw a challenge for 28 hairstyles for the 28 days of February on a blog, and I thought that was awesome!
I never saw the point in having long hair that you can't do anything with, so this is just the perfect  challenge for me. But February this year is a leap year, so... 29 updos!

So I sat down to do some thinking and planning.
Of course I could include braids, but... Nah. Braids are the go to bases for my updos, since they can be prepared the day before and simply twisted/wrapped/coiled up into a real updo in the morning. And then reverted back into a comfortable sleep style by taking the hair tool out again.
It would be more interesting to do 29 structurally different updos.

Some updos are of course not braid-based, but I usually reserve them for weekends where I can be bothered to do them in the morning and braid my hair for sleeping in the evening.

Of course updos and braids can be changed a lot with different strand bases and accents, which doesn't really count. But in a few cases I wasn't entirely sure where the line between two separate updos and just a variation was.

But here are 29 different updos I plan to do:
  1. Braided Chinese bun
  2. Braided Chinese bun/infinity variation
  3. Braided cinnamon bun
  4. Braided headband and Chinese bun combo
  5. Braided Nautilus bun
  6. Chinese bun
  7. Cinnaknot bun
  8. Crown wrap
  9. Double braided buns
  10. Double braided Chinese buns
  11. Double braided Nautilus buns
  12. Double figure 8 buns
  13. Double Nautilus bun
  14. Ellingwoman/Nautilus hybrid
  15. Figure 8 bun
  16. Four small braided cinnamon buns
  17. Igor's mess
  18. Infinity bun
  19. Mega royal bun
  20. Mickey mouse ears
  21. Nautilus bun
  22. Overhand knot bun
  23. Royal bun
  24. Sock bun
  25. Simplified Elling woman bun
  26. Triple braided buns
  27. Triple braided buns, stacked
  28. Wrapunder bun
I would need some planning for this though. Some buns are based on single braids, some on double etc. Some double braids are split vertically and some horizontally etc. It would save me some effort tog group those together and do some on the same base-braids. And the non-braided updos would be better for the weekends since I prefer the braid bases on workdays for a quick updo that saves me time in the morning.

Hmm, this would also be a good opportunity to work through a lot of my different updo tools. I tend to cycle the same ones over and over...


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :) Hope I can cycle through them all and my hair wont gave a fit of being too slippery from being freshly washed, or something similar!

  2. Why not push a boundry and try something you havent? just off the top of my head how about a 12 mini braided french twist? I dont think I ever saw a girl EVER wear that except the one girl I saw do it and made me fall in love. I can't help but feel (forgive me If Im out of line) your in a rut with your ideas and your not pushing your boundries.

    1. I guess I can see why you would think that. But those who read my blog would know I don't particularly like the pretty, advanced Pinterest-worthy styles. It's cool when people do these, I just personally can't relate to those at all, or spending the time on creating a new and different creation every day. More power to those who do, I just can't relate to it. Or find the time for that, for the matter, since I work full time and have full time studies too. I do play with new styles when I find inspiration for it as my readers know, but I often find them having two problems: Either they are not very practical, or they have very little difference in look from a less complicated hairstyle, which makes me dislike the time investment in them. On top of my head, the Caroline von Holnstein style, the Suebian knot, an actual crown braid and the Celtic knot. But those I find to fullfill my requirements, naturally stay in rotation. But then again, I have found myself not sharing an attempted new style because certain people always are unhappy and expect Pinterest level perfection at any new updo, even when I express that it is my first attempt at something (or post "lol, look at this relatable fail") so I have chosen not to share new attempts. But hey, I think being able to do 29 different updos is pretty cool, so I guess I'm wrong. I do have some styles I would like to do, such as the infinity braid, a knotty mohawk "braid" and a Dutch mohawk braid variation, but they seem to require a helping hand and I have no one around me who could be interested. Anyways, I have spent way too much time on writing this reply, you have your opinion and I have my own life to deal with, and blogging and my hair is only a small part of it.