Friday, 10 April 2020

Another shot at the braided log roll

So I got the idea of trying the braided log roll with a five stranded braid base instead.

This braid was super hard to do! I really need practice in keeping five strand separate and feeding more strands into it.

Although I think the five stranded braid base helped make this updo flatter and more comfortable, I found another thing I need to do different next time: I need to make sure to take the braid base more down. I tend to pull my braid bases up a little to have more freedom around the neck, but this particular updo could really use a braid that it followed all the way down.

Here is for comparison a regular old braided Nautilus bun on the same five stranded braid base.
Not actually a big difference in looks?
I will give it another shot at some point though.


  1. you gave it a shot!
    I actually really like this version, especially the detail of your braid ends wrapping around the base, it looks insanely complicated and intricate.

    1. Of course! :) And I will give it yet another one at some point. It made sense what you wrote, so I will try it again until I get it to work. And thank you!