Saturday, 4 April 2020

The Buffs are here :)

I have considered getting a Buff before, since they keep circulating in the longhair circuit. But then, Buchfreundin recommended me one and I decided to go for it!

They have lots of products, but the famous one is the long, multifunctional tube. This is also the one I kept seeing in the longhair circuit for protecting hair against sun and wind.

For sizing, they have an XL option. I know back from my horseback riding days that my helmet size is exactly 58 cm. But since I would probably wear the Buff at an angle, or it would need to stretch over a bun in one way or the other, I have gone with XL for all the choices.

There are options for warmth, but since I live up in the frozen north, I'll stick to regular hats with additional under-layers for that.
Instead, I was interested in sunprotection and cooling.

I have ordered five off the Swedish website:
Crook military
Because I liked the camouflage pattern and colour
Embers black
Because you can't go wrong with a mostly solid black one
Cashmere black
Because I liked the pattern
R spiral yellow fluor
Because it was reflective and it seemed fun and flashy
Shading blue
Because this seemed like a good colour choice for my skintone

For a second I entertained the thought of ordering one of their chef's hats to see how that would work with my buns, but I decided against it.

So, a little fun with styling options for them:

Tied one in a simple little pouch with a bow around my bun. Looked a little weird, but fun.

"The pirate" that Buff suggests for styling just doesn't work when you have a big bun on the back of your head. But it was good for a laugh.

A little hard to tell from the pictures, but: Black and white Buff is covering the head and bun, blue Buff is put on sideways across my head and tied in a knot underneath the bun.
This was very stable and comfortable actually!

Building on the previous idea I tucked the yellow/green Buff up above the bun and then wrapped the black Buff around at the base of the bun. This was also very comfortable!


  1. Wow, you mentioned me, now I feel very honored! I'm glad you liked them and find them comfortable.
    I actually also own the New Cashmere Black pattern, it's so pretty and versatile. I tend to wear it as a snug but not too warm scarf, especially when doing cross-country skiing or hiking in cool weather. It goes with everything and I don't sweat in it.

    1. I'm really happy you recommended them :) Hehe, funny we got the same one too! But that one is a really good colour: Not too boring but very versatile :)