Sunday, 28 June 2020

Cassia treatment

Edit: Fixed gifs


  1. Good job on your video/vlog. I miss old good vlogs where there wasn't that much fuss on perfect audio quality, perfect video cut and "how perfect my life is"-type of vlog.

    1. Thank you! :)
      And holy cow, yes, THIS. So much!
      I just can't stand it (Or even understand it for that matter!) when people set up this perfect amazing instagram-reality up for themselves. Who can relate to that?
      My life isn't perfect. My hair isn't perfect. But what you see is pretty much what I was going to do with it anyways. Some like that approach, other people want the perfection. I'm happy you like the approach :)
      This is actually one of the reasons I only read Korean beauty bloggers (or K-beauty enthusiasts) because at least they are honest. I mean, they still look perfect, but they are honest about the time, money and effort they spend on their looks, about the filters and all. So I can think "Meh, not for me, but I appreciate your advice". It's so different from the western beauty bloggers who follow the lie of "Oh, tehee, I just rolled out of bed". That just makes me feel bad instead of inspiring me.
      /rant over