Saturday, 12 February 2011

Leave in conditioners

Left to right:

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair repair Shea cashmere

Makes my hair very soft and easy to comb and handle. The comb just slides through the length! Strongly perfumed flowery scent that hubby cant stand. Makes my hair very glossy. Texture is somewhat slimy and sticks on hands. I like the effect of it but since hubby makes a face when he comes near me, this is a fail :sad This one is also the most expensive one

L’Oreal Elvital night elixir

Hair is very slippery but easy to handle. The scent is like honey that later develops into a hay-like smell. Nice shine. Slightly slimy texture but easy to rinse off the hands. Good stuff, but more expensive than the Sulsilks (But still cheaper than the Schwarzkopf)

Sunsilk Care&repair

Hair is smooth and easy to work with. Creamy and “clean” scent. High shine. Deliciously creamy texture and non-slimy on the hands. A favourite especially for the price (cheap!) and availability at the local supermarket :lol:

Nivea Intense repair

Makes the hair very easy to detangle. Soapy scent that makes hair feel clean even on a dirty day. Good shine. Nice creamy texture

Sunsilk Passionate waves & curls

Contains aloe vera extract which I’m not very comfortable with since I’m allergic to it, even if it doesn’t come in contact with my scalp. Doesn’t make my hair as smooth as the others. “Green” scent. Good shine. Maybe a little runnier than the other ones when it comes in contact with wet hair? Cheapest one (A tiny bit cheaper than the other Sunsilk)

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  1. Thank you so much for this info!! Just what I have been looking for! Good health to you...