Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday the 6th of February

Yesterday was supposed to be a grape seed oil day. However, I was out of grape seed oil so I ended up giving the mane some of the mix in my oil spray bottle. I have a regular oil spray for cooking use that contains 1 part olive oil, 1 part grape seed oil and 1 part camellia oil. It gives the hair a really nice shine and should be pretty nourishing too.
I haven’t been able to find grape seed oil for a while although I must admit I haven’t been looking too hard. When I originally settled on the Project Hairy Health “Month” I decided on grape seed oil because it contains ceramides, but it seems the evidence I based it on might be wrong. Oils that do contain ceramides are wheat germ and walnut.
I was considering instead of always having a grape seed treatment that day, maybe try a new oil once in a while. It really seems like you can’t “calculate” if an oil works for you or not.
As I wrote before, I considered ordering some oils from a webshop, but didn’t get around to it. (Plus I already had a big splurge on clothes and beauty supplies in general this month, so I feel I have spent enough on myself already)
Hubby and I had a craving for burritos and went to the grocery store around the corner. It’s a tiny little store- I have honestly seen 7-11s bigger than it! To my surprise, it had a small selection of more “exotic” oils in the oil and vinegar section and among them a single bottle of walnut oil. And for one third of the price I found it for in the webshop. Score!

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