Tuesday, 27 September 2011


So I emailed Keavin of Ketylo yesterday and got the reply today.

My message was:

Hello Kevin,

I bought 3 sets of large corian ketylos through the group order for the LHC&UTT group on Facebook that Lisa Carter was manager of.

Today I was going to use a speckled blue pair for the first time and one of the sticks broke in my bun, forming a sharp edge and cutting my scalp. (The stick then further broke after I threw it on the floor. There might have been some cursing involved *Cough*)

I’m attaching a picture of the sticks after the breaks.

Are the corians more brittle than the dymondwood? (Which I have 3 pairs of too) Or have I just been unlucky that one of my sticks have been stressed and fractured somehow?

The dymondwood sticks have served me and my thick knee length hair for many years so I’m naturally scared of my scalp since corian sticks have failed on only the second time I ever used any of them!

I hope to hear from you,

Best regards,

His reply:

Hi Ida, sorry to hear about your experience with the corian. Corian is not a strong material and should only be used in updo styles that dont require a lot of bending or twisting. Dymondwood is much stronger and unlikely to break easily. The thicker and longer your hair is would suggest that you may want to use thicker sticks that are less likely to break. The wood and dymondwood are probably the best for you. Thanks and blessings, kev

I’m pretty disappointed in his reply to tell the truth. He didn’t even answer my questions! I’m not even sure what he is trying to say here? There is nothing wrong with his sticks; it’s my hair that’s too heavy? “Buy my dymondwood sticks instead”? That I shouldn’t use corian sticks in buns at all because they are twisted and bent? Eh?

We’re talking about a hair stick that I didn’t even get to finish putting in my bun before it broke and that cut my scalp open, so I guess I had expected an offer of replacement or a discount code for next purchase or something? The common opinion when I posted about the accident on Facebook was that Kevin would offer a replacement or something, but I guess not? I guess Kevins opinion is that I shouldn’t use corians at all so therefore I won’t be offered a replacement?

Disappointing when you’re dealing with someone who is known for having such a great customer service.

Anyways. I’m not really sure what to do now. I spent 101$ + the Paypal fee on these sticks. One is now broken and I’m not sure I even want to put the rest in my hair anymore. I could always put them on the trading board, but I’m honestly not sure I want to pass something that was inferior onto someone else.

And it really, really irritates me that he ends his email with “blessings”. I know he mean it as something positive, but who says I want it? Who says I’m the same religion as him? Who says I want to be blessed at all? Would he not be extremely offended if I ended my email with “Satan loves you”?

I know it may seem as a small thing to be annoyed about, but it’s something that is so easily avoided by not being claustrophobically narrow-minded and automatically assuming the rest of the world is the same religion as you and would just love to be “Blessed”.

Bah. Yea, I’m sorely disappointed.


  1. Personally I'd be pissed off as hell, firstly becasue of his obviously stressed answer, secondly for the creepy religious greeting (yes, I'm sensitive to those things) and thirdly becuase I think he's avoiding responsability by not offering you a replacement dymond set (which honestly is just shortsighted on his part, considering that his company is completely dependant on word of mouth in quite an exclusive pool of pontential buyers). The only reason I can think of that could explain why would be if he was trying to avoid accepting liability for you injury but that seems rather far fetched and extreme tbh.

  2. I'm really sorry you couldn't get a proper response, from all the reviews about customer service I was honestly expecting you could at least get a small compensation for the broken stick.

    Can't you return the good ones to the shop? Or at least trade them for dymondwood?
    For that price, the quality is terrible and I wouldn't want to put fragile material on the swap boards either... Unless there's someone out there with fine hair that can use cheap plastic hairsticks without breaking.
    Now I'm wondering if ordering an acrylic was a wise choice :(

  3. Sympathies for your disappointment. I can also see where you're coming from with the "Blessings" thing, but it isn't really only one religion that has that. Blessed isn't always associated with a deity, although that may be the strict definition. I've heard it used by atheists, pagans as well as those from Abrahamic faiths. Just saying.

    Also, just because they broke doesn't mean they are inferior just because your hair ate them so effectively. Someone with thinner or less hair might adore them and have them work very well. Just a thought. I don't touch plastic or acrylic for my hair ever. In my experience they always break--in MY hair. But other people adore them.

    Hope you find an acceptable solution to your problem.

  4. That's not good. As a customer service person, having someone say their item caused a serious injury, I'd be very worried about lawsuits.

    Can you take a photo of the injury to your scalp? I think by showing the severity of it, might get an offer of a replacement. Sometimes, people aren't too bright, and you may need to say "I'd like to send these back and have them replaced with something stronger, free of charge'. I mean if they want your business, that would be ideal.

    Many hair accessories now have statements on their products about safety with thicker hair.

    (((hugs))) and please do sign in "Satan loves you'. OMG---That made me laugh SO hard. And I'm catholic :D

  5. wow seriously, how weird and rude. I dont think I want to buy any ketylos ever now. They cut your scalp open and he just wants to say "blessings" or whatever?

  6. How can he avoid taking responsibilty when his product damaged a customer? I would be super pissed!