Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nail wraps

It’s been 19 days since I put the leopard spot nail wraps on and other than a bit of wear among the edge of the nails, they look great! No peeling, chipping, nothing. I’m very, very impressed! The only downside with them is that I think they took a few chips of my nails off when I removed them, but I’m not entirely sure. It was hard to see if they did or it was some sort of glue/sticker residue. But then again, I have some pitifully thin and peeling nails so it’s not fair to judge the wraps on my suspicions. They actually last perfectly for so long that I see regrowth of the nails.

Hubby saw me warming towels in the oven and asked me what I was doing. I explained that the nail wraps requires heat to be removed and since I don’t own a hair dryer, I had to use oven heat and towels. Hubby then said he actually had one. He went digging for it and sure enough, we do have a hairdryer in the apartment. I had to laugh though: That thing has to be from the 70s! I need to remember to take a picture of that thing; it’s hilarious how old it is!

Anyways, mostly I wanted to try an idea I had for nail polish.
I have a light blue, a purple and a pink in the same brand and I wanted to make a “rainbow” where I mixed two colours to graduate them. The idea in theory was fine, but even after letting it dry for 30 minutes after the last coat, I managed to ruin it when we put socks and shoes on to go for a late night snack-run *sigh* So off with that again. I know it wasn’t your standard nail polish, but it was still a good demonstration of how much easier the wraps are in comparison!

(I always go outside the nail side when I paint my toenails. Its easy to remove the extra polish from the skin later and you get a better coverage and smoother cover when you just have to worry about the strokes instead of corners)

I then wanted to try the other kind of nail wraps. Strangely enough, the pink, white and black kind turned out to be a lot harder to work with than the leopard spotted ones. They were a lot thicker and harder to cover over the nails. Very strange since they were from the same brand and line!

I got a few “edges” on the wraps where they didn’t bend perfectly over the nail-shape so I doubt I will stay as happy with these as I were with the other ones. On experimental basis, I gave my nails two layers of a top coat before adding the wraps.

I’m wondering though: What is best for weak nails? What damages the nails most? Glue or nail polish? Will nail polish bind stronger to the nails than the glue and damage them when I peel them off?

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