Monday, 26 September 2011


Disaster! My beautiful blue speckled corian Ketylos broke today at the first time I was going to actually use them. And they broke inside my figure 8 bun and broke the skin of my scalp. Ouch!

I’ll be unable to wear up dos for a while I think. I can’t get a good look at how bad it actually looks in the back of my head but it really hurts.

I’m really upset. I’ve broken hairsticks before but they have been cheap plastic ones, not 32 USD for a set-Ketylos!

The tip broke in my bun and the second break is from me angrily throwing the rest of the stick down (May have been some serious cursing at this point too) So yea, the might survive a drop, but not being thrown down.

Look at that sharp edge it made when it broke! Argh!!


  1. Oh my, that is awful =(
    Have you contacted Kevin about it? I thought those things were supposed to be resistant (either that or you have super hair) but definitely makes me think twice about buying acrylics.
    Hope your scalp feels better soon.

  2. Yeowch!

    I too think it's worth contacting Kevin. He's usually very helpful.

    I hope your scalp isn't cut too badly.

  3. Oh no! Yikes. You don't expect your sticks to break that fast. Hope your head feels better soon.

  4. Corian is plastic, dear! I had no idea these sticks were that expensive. I wouldn't pay more than 10 bucks per one, to be honest.

  5. ow shit! Is it bad? :(