Saturday, 10 September 2011

My first nail-wraps!

Hubby took one look at the package and decided they were tacky. Then he made a reference to Peggy Bundy. Hmpf. He can bite my shapely behind!
When I got ready to apply them, I ran into a problem. The packaging tells you to apply heat from a hairdryer to soften and active the glue. Yikes. I have never even owned a hairdryer!
So what is a clever girl to do? Why, she heats up towels in the oven and wraps them around her toes. Hah.
It was pretty easy even when it was my first try ever and I didn’t even have the tools they required. But in a few days I’ll see how they last and if the lack of hairdryer-heat screwed it up.
I really like them!
But I will have to half-agree with hubby though. They would have been really tacky if I had long nails. On my short toenails they just look cute and fun.


  1. I would love to know how long they stay on I too do not have a hair dryer. And here in the states that have all kinds of patterns that I would love to try.

  2. *Running out to buy some myself*