Sunday, 11 September 2011

Cassia day!

It has seriously been ages since last I really spoiled my hair. Yesterday was supposed to be a cassia 4-in-1-treatment day according to my Project Knee Length plan. It has turned out to be a huge waste of time to have planned that one out since it seems I mentally rebel against the idea of having my haircare planned out like that. Sigh. I guess it doesn’t help that I actually did hit knee length, which is something I seriously doubted I ever would at the time. Classic to knee is the second most frustrating growth stage I have ever been through. Argh! I guess since I hit knee length I have been slacking on the hair care…

4 in 1 treatment
Scalp exfoliating
Mud bath

Igor’s golden tone cassia mix
50 ml cassia powder
50 ml of camomile tea
One pot of green tea
200 ml of conditioner

Mix cassia powder with cold camomile tea and the conditioner.
Cover hair in the mud and wrap the length of the hair up in a pile (Do not braid!) Cover with cling wrap, heat pack, metal foil (Charming!) and a warm hat. Wrap some old towel over your neck and shoulders as it can drip!
Stay warm for 30 minutes.
Pour the leftover teas in the tub. Fill halfway with water (Or quarter way, at least enough to cover the scalp when you lay down in it)
Remove cling wrap and hat and hop in the tub.
Allow length of hair to soak in the water to dissolve the bulk of the mud (This is often referred to as a “mermaid soak”) before scrubbing the scalp (This is why you shouldn’t braid) The cassia mud is excellent at exfoliating the scalp, but the grainy structure of the mud might be rough on the hair strands.
Soak in the green mud bath and enjoy. Some people use cassia and henna specifically for skin and nail health, so spend some time soaking and relax.
Follow with a good deep conditioner as the cassia seems to be somewhat drying.
Rinse and continue styling hair as usual.
Enjoy the feel of clean and conditioned hair and a fresh and exfoliated scalp!

Ingredients for some hair pampering <3
Cassia treatment with cholesterol, Franck Provost and V05
Conditioning with V05
ACV dip

One thing is for sure when it comes to cassia: It doesn’t look pretty!
It doesn’t get better once it’s mixed with water in a tub. Especially not when it forms foam from rinsing conditioner out…


  1. looks like mud! lol

  2. I have to try that some day :D

  3. Thanks for the recipe. I I tried this using a tea from a pinch of saffron and got a nice golden color. My hair was thick before and now it feels super thick and strong too.