Friday, 16 September 2011

Braided nautilus tutorial

When it comes to hold and stability, this is my superstar bun! Even without a tool inserted in the bun, it takes some jumping around or shaking my head to unravel this one, and even then it only does it gradually and hesitantly.

Start with your hair in a braid. French, Dutch, English, doesn’t matter.

Wrap the braid up in a loop. The size depends on how thick or long your hair is. As in: How much room you need inside the loop. Don’t make the loop too small as you need “wiggle room” for a hair stick or clip too. For some it might work to wrap the outer loop around the wrist or a couple of fingers.

Twist the braid around the base of the loop. I alternate hands to hold the loop in place while I twist the braid around with the other hand.

Tuck the braid tassel under the inner twists.

Insert Flexi 8, hair stick, Ficcare or whatever you want to hold the bun through the inner parts.

One thing I really like about this bun is that it “displays” the thickest parts of your braid and tucks the skinnier bits inside where people don’t notice them. Hehe…

Except for the time it takes to make the braid, this has got to be the quickest bun I know of.


  1. I just tried this on my English braid from work today. It was in a braided nautilus done the Torrin Paige way, but I could be converted to using this method instead. It's so stable, I feel like I could go swimming and it'd hold! And I do love that, a) it's not pulling any scalp hairs since the stick isn't actually going through any, and b) I can use a shorter stick than usual or show off my topped sticks. Thank you! :D

  2. thats so easy! How come no one else made this tutorial before? All other nautilus instructions does something WEIRD

  3. wow shinyshinyshinyshiny :O

  4. Your hair is gorgeous and I love your braid.