Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The one where Igor gets tired of the Friends-style blog titles

Today I revisited an old friend I haven’t seen in a couple of years: The knotty bun
It took me a couple of try to get the technique right. Where to start, how to twist, how to stick it.
I guess it depends on your taste, but I don’t like the “knot” to be underneath the tail, so I start twisting at 12 o clock. I twist clockwise and coil clockwise too.

Other than just remembering the tactics, the only art in the Knotty bun in my opinion is how to stick it. You need to find the place where the tail crosses itself at the start of the “bun” (!)  Then insert one stick between the two tail-parts (1) Tilt the stick to push the top part of the tail towards your head to pack the “bun” closer to your head for more comfort (2) Then push the stick through the hair like usual (3)

I don’t know why I haven’t worn this one more often. It’s surprisingly comfortable and very good at keeping my hair out of the way, even with a past waist length ponytail hanging free. Maybe it’s the half-bun shape that provides enough shape and “lift” to keep it free from my shoulders and from getting tangled in everything?

(And it totally tickles my ego in the right way that even with a half bun, my hair is still the longest I spotted all day)
It made me very aware of my hair-habits though: I can feel it on my shoulders so I automatically do a little “shrug” when I sit down, but there isn’t enough length to get it caught under my butt.
Hubby really liked it and asked why I don’t ear it more often.


  1. OMG! I love the title of this blog post!! I've been watching Friends on DVD and this made me laugh and brightened up my day :)

  2. Wow. Your knot bun is just... wow. It's outstanding. I love this style so much, it looks great on you. Thank you for the inspiration, I will definitively try this out today.

  3. crazy how its still so long even with a knot!!

  4. thats so pretty and simple I need to try that