Thursday, 15 September 2011

My (gym) go-to

It’s no secret that my favourite up do is the braided Nautilus bun.

Hypnotica has instructions here for a non-braided version:

I have put it on my to do-list to make a tutorial for my adaptation so I wont go into detail here.
The nautilus bun in itself is almost self stabilising and the braided version is even more so because the “bumps” of a braid offers more slipping-resistance. Even without securing the bun with anything, I would have to jump up and down several times to shake the bun loose and even then, it does so hesitantly and gradually. Once it’s been set in place with a toy, it won’t budge. Also, the bun in itself is very flat and hugs your skull which is very convenient and helps prevents headaches. It’s perfect for the gym!
I prefer to secure it with a Flexi 8.

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  1. I love that you use regular headphones! I hate those little ear bud things.

    and you look quite tiny! Don't lose too much weight ;)