Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The one where Igor is really happy

When I first started this blog, I didn’t expect a lot. My first and only priority was to “free” it from LHC and in general stand on its own.
But even then, it was quite a surprise to come from the heavy trafficked LHC to more humble page views.
After all, in the end the only credit I had to give LHC was that you got a whole lot of page views on anything and everything you wrote no matter the quality!

I still think it was a good experience for me personally though. Every once in a while every one of us needs a good slice of humble pie.

Now that I have gotten used to that my blog is still on the upstart, it made it so much more special and dear to me to find this:

So a big Thank You to the sweet Gossamer or
Gossycraft for the mention and the very, very sweet words!!


  1. :D Glad to have helped make you happy today!

    I must say, I'd so much rather read your blog than 25 pages of speculation on the possibility a new hair miracle cure.

  2. well deserved too :3 havent found a blog with the mix of quality reads, fun and useful, easy hair care yours have

  3. Go Gossycrafts for giving you that :D you really deserve it