Thursday, 27 October 2011

Healthy hair 2012

I just finished up my hair resolutions for 2012 and put it in a new page. Now that I have it all typed up, I think it sounds really good and I want to start on it right away!
Hah, there is still a little over 2 months left of 2011 and I’m already worrying about 2012?
Now yours truly is going to bed! Hubby and I both didn’t get a lot of sleep last night due to a late-night pig-out on way too much delicious Thai food.
It really makes me feel old: When I was just 5 years younger I could eat anything and then sleep like a stone, but now…? Meh.  

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  1. Hey, it's julya from LHC and UT. I was just reading over your hair resolutions for 2012 and I wanted to suggest some lovely combs that are water safe. I have been loving my creative brand combs for the past year! Here's where I got mine from:
    Happy growing!