Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Photo-session with Mr. Igor

Each time I have asked Mr. Titian to help me take pictures, it’s always really amusing the see what he *actually* took pictures of after I get them on a computer!
Today was no different. I asked his help to do a “length chart” where I can mark my different milestones for comparison to everyone else.
Alright honey, I’m going to stand here, so you just need to make sure to get all of me in the picture. I will crop it later. None of your trademark feet-free pictures. Hey, don’t take the picture yet!”

You big moron. Okay, detangle-time!”

“Hey! I told you don’t take pictures yet!”

“Okay, ready. No wait. Stupid tangly hair…”
*Grumble, grumble*

“Make sure to get all of me in the picture. That includes feet, you know!”



  1. I still think these pics are cute! What is hilarious is the title is Mr. Igor and you call him Mr. Titian in the text!! :p

  2. lol I missed that XD Thats what happens when you are Titian on UTT and Igor on Blogger!