Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Length charts

Or, “the result of my photo session with hubby yesterday”
While I let my hair dry, I gave the ends a bit of oil to keep them smooth. But I guess that was a mistake since they ended up looking clumpy on the pictures!

Approximate lengths to different milestones. Measurements done by hubby.

After having done the length chart in centimetre, I thought it could be fun to go back over my old pictures and put months and date on when I approximately hit the different milestones.
I think I remember when I trimmed a lot to get rid of layers and when I pushed for more length, but it was still surprising to see how I completely stalled out some years.

Bald to when it started to lay down on its own, I remember only trimming the neck. From there to the shortest layers were long enough to reach into a “half up” kind of ponytail, I trimmed the back/neck length back over and over.
When I reached that and could make a simple, quick ponytail I pushed for length again.

From the months and dates, I can see I must have trimmed a whole lot between armpit and hip. It’s funny, because I don’t remember that! It does make sense though. My fist trimming-spree was to keep it looking acceptable until I could get it in a ponytail, but I remember I still had some layers left. I guess I didn’t get rid of the layers around waist length.

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