Saturday, 26 November 2011

Annoyed over something stupid

I received a link from a friend today that I had been recently quoted on LHC for having taught a member something. So what is the problem? 
That said member makes it sound like it was something I believe in, when I really don’t. I might have explained the reasoning why some people do this, but I have also posted several times how I don’t believe in the effect.
So yea, I believe the reason behind some people swearing by the final cold rinse is to “close the hairs’ cuticles that have been opened by the warm water” but I don’t believe it has any real effect since following that logic, it would mean the cuticles would re-open again as soon as the hair heats up to room temperature again, right?
Save yourself the cold water torture and go for an ACV rinse instead.
Oh and just to be completely clear, this Igor is a former member of LHC. She was kicked out for being horribly evil and “spreading misery”. Thankyouverymuch.


  1. I do a cool water rinse, but not ice cold. For me, it helps with the itchies/dandruff and is more a nice relief for the scalp. I have noticed more shine, but that could be attributed to a billion other things.

    Though, I do have to say that when we went to my cottage, and had to bath in the lake, which was pretty chilly some times, our hair was super shiny there. Again, was it the cooler temps? Possibly, but could be more that that water was different/more natural? Hard to say.

    I still can't believe you were kicked out of LHC....that boggles my mind

  2. I honestly don't understand why, of all the people there, you had to get banned. Your posts were the most informative thing I read there and I loved your articles. I remember reading a couple responses from you, because people decided to be idiots over (you name it) instead of reading your advice on the subject, honestly I'd be upset too, if after spending time making a long, informative post, people would just go back to wanting a "quick fix" while still doing the same mistakes over and over. But I don't think it'd be worth getting kicked out.
    But you're right, you're getting annoyed by something stupid. Best to shrug it off and go on with your happy business. You're one of the longest, thickest and healthiest heads of hair, so you're obviously doing it right! =D

  3. You weren't "kicked out"? You started posting moody replies, got called out for it, and eventually flounced with a 'close my account' thread, and they closed it. Whoop-te-do. The TLHC mods have made some really dumb decisions, but handing out an infraction for rude posts and then closing your account when you asked are not amongst of them. Your articles were great, and the knowledge you brought to the forum is sad to lose, but treating newbs badly and impatiently (we were all newbs once) and being asked via PM if you really wouldn't rather leave after posting passive aggressively for months is hardly singling you out. You don't think there was any shades of hypersensitivity and melodrama in your exit?

  4. Anonymous---I have to say I had some unfair treatment on my end for something that I felt was not right, and an assumption, when other members had gone on to create more drama and friction and never once got an infraction.

    Being a moderator is a thankless task, but also requires fairness. I saw serious favortisim in regard to members that were not following rules, so I can understand what Igor means---and she was indeed banned, and from there, she was figuring it was a matter of time before the ban was permanent.

    Hypersensitivity and melodrama? Is posting without a name just that?

    I don't agree with losing temper, and I was one of the newbies too, but I also was thankful for advice given. instead of being rude, there are many ways to help people through a frustrating time.

  5. "Anonymous"...what was the point of your post, exactly? Belittling someone will not get you anywhere in life. Sounds like you are the one being passive aggressive. Why hide behind the 'anonymous' tag? The thing is, the forum lost an incredible member over a whole bunch of petty unneeded jealousy. People lose their temper. I was a noob once and Igor accepted me unlike some *cough*

    Igor, you rock! <3

  6. Unless you have the cohones to put a face with the BS you are spouting Anonymous then your opinion does not count IMO.


  7. Hah, the LHC mods always end up showing their true personality no matter how much they lie and pretend... Still cant belive how many awesome people who wrote awesome useful advice they kicked out for imagined offenses

  8. What KJ said.

    For those who are kvetching about the term 'kicked out' perhaps they would prefer 'hounded out' instead. It all amounts to the same thing and it was disgraceful.

    Igor I still always do the cold water thing you wrote about in your article, about the arrector pili (sp?) muscle. I'm enjoying catching up with your blog. :)