Friday, 25 November 2011

A brief history of the fact that Igor is a nutcase

I have a few things in my life I’m a complete control freak about. My calendar is one of those. I’m a chronic list maker and this one basically runs my life.
I have everything in it including my suggested hair and skincare schedule. It’s always stuffed full of little souvenirs from my life. Some people keep pictures, receipt and little memory things in their valet, for me it’s in my calendar.

I’m extremely picky about the calendar I pick out and even buy new pens every year to fill in my schedules and information.
  • It can’t have a spiral back because my keys always get stuck in those.
  • It has to be one page per day, although one for both Saturday and Sunday is okay too.
  • It has to be the right size, A6-A5.
  • It needs to have a notes-section.
  • It needs to have enough room for stuffing in extra pages, pictures and receipts.

Funnily enough it turned out that Chemist friend is just as weird as me when it comes to calendar so we went shopping together! I have never met anyone who is as weird when it comes to calendars as me.

I found one I had never thought of before, a Filofax that could be completely closed like a big clutch. It was instant love, I had to have it!

Here it is next to the calendar I got for hubby. That one is more like the kinds I have usually gone for. I would have picked that one if I hadn’t fallen for the Filofax. Then of course I needed to replace a whole lot of the papers inside it. Why do the Filofaxes always come with one page per week as standard? I don’t know anyone who likes that!

Look how brilliant it is on the inside with plenty of room for cards and papers.

But... Big fail: It turned out it was too small to even contain the one day per page calendar. No!! The rings inside were simply too small in circumference!

One heartbroken Igor had to return to the store to see if it came in a bigger size. It did, but then I had to jump to an A4 size and that would take up most of my bag. Fail!

But then I spotted a calendar that were like a combination of the rejected one and a regular calendar. It had the calendar part and a zipped off “clutch” part. The rings were plenty big for the one page per day calendar too.

Not as much in love with this one as with the completely zipped off one, but it is still pretty sweet!

Now it’s time to start filling it up with information. That always takes some time! Then stuff it full of my “little” collection of souvenirs from my life and people I love.

I really think I have a good plan outlined for healthy hair 2012 and will enjoy filling that in…

Will post pictures of the finished calendar if I haven't bored everyone to death :)


  1. This makes me SO happy to read!
    I am the EXACT same way! hahahah. My calendars rule my life--I have about 6 of them, each with their own specific use (scheduling shows, lessons, personal etc).

    I recently got a fancy horse one at a tack shop that had a similar issue you had--the rings were pretty small, but I always use my cell now for all contact information, so I didn't need to keep my address book in it, so problem solved.

    I love using the monthly calender option, with the notes at the side, because I have to plan for the month. Then I have post-it-notes that I use for memos, and I also have different colored pens, as well as stickers for certain things...AND, I never throw them away! From calenders on my wall to my day timers--it's like I can look back and it's like a diary. I still have old ones from 1996!!! (yes, I'm a pack rat :) )

    If you ever see something you like at this site, let me know--I could ship you something

  2. I don't think that makes you a nutcase at all. You're just neat and organized. I do the same thing (banned spirals and all) except I don't use a calendar, but a notebook, because I like to draw on them occasionally.