Monday, 21 November 2011

Today’s hair

I wanted to demonstrate the braided crown braid-fake infinity combination for the knee length updo ideas-thread on UTT
So here is today’s hair


From the front



You can see the wrapping/braiding pattern from the back

Other side

I have no great secrets to this one. I like Dutch braids because the pattern is prettier, you put one braid around the head in front of the start of the braids and put the hair stick through the end of the first braid, then wrap the second one around the stick in an infinity pattern


  1. How is this secured? I *think* I see a stick, but am not sure if it's a stick or a tail of the braid

  2. There is a stick poked through the “headband” braid at the start and before the elastic. The second braid is wrapped around the stick and wrapped under itself a few times. The stick is actually the buddy of the broken corian ketylo.