Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hair happiness graph

A rather random and geeky little thing I made yesterday while chatting with Little Orca.
Not entirely sure how much explanation it requires but…
  • I liked the short hair on me. 5 o clock shadow to eyebrow length looked really good. It still took some product and shampooing every night, but it was a good-looking length.
  • Then it started to lie down in weird patches and falling into my eyes, nose and mouth and it required constant gelling or headbands to not drive me insane. Argh!
  • Once it hit flip length and was long enough to be whipped up in a ponytail and I could easily get it out of my face, my happiness with it kept increasing.
  • Then I hit about mid thigh and outgrew my reach. Huge drop in happiness that I didn’t see coming at all! It made my handling so much more difficult and I had to adapt to it.
  • My conclusion on outgrowing “Reach Length” was that it doesn’t matter if my hair is 2 cm or 20 cm longer than I can reach; it makes all handling and care a lot more difficult. But now that I have gotten used to it, my happiness with my hair is slowly increasing again.
(I guess I should include a small “jump” now that I’ve reached the illusive knee length. Classic to knee has been really slow and frustrating)


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