Saturday, 10 December 2011

Snugly warm winter head of the day

I had a bunch of errands to run and it’s cold, wet and windy outside so I needed to keep my head warm.
Hair up in a braided nautilus

Then I put a pre-tied bandanna over it

I intended it only as an extra layer, but it turned out to be really great for keeping the hat from sliding back or budging in the whipping wind. I see the point of an underscarf for a hat!

Even though this blue one is the beanie I feel fit over my head and bun the best, it still looks really weird. I guess normal hats just aren’t meant to conceal a cantaloupe-sized bun? Hah

It does get better once I get a coat and my headphones on though

I kept warm and comfortable so I will definitely do this again!  

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