Sunday, 4 December 2011

Today I feel like Goldilocks

Hubby and I were going to a Christmas dinner with some friends. I wanted to do something cool to my hair instead of the usual braided Nautilus bun held with a Flexi that it’s always in. So I decided on a figure 8 bun held with one of my cooler hair sticks.

So, it went up in a figure 8 bun and I stuck a Timberstone Turnings stick I got from Hypnotica in. It is so big it kept either poking me in the neck or poking up like a giant weird antenna. Hm.
I decided against it and put in a hair sword I got from Fatamorganna. That one kept poking me in the neck too and it’s pretty sharp! I angled it more after taking the picture and then it wasn’t Hubby-safe anymore. He has the memory of a moth circling a flame when it comes to remembering I have sharp things in my hair!
I liked the idea of a hairsword though and took a wooden one I also got from Hypnotica. That felt more right. It’s not any sharper than a hairstick so the poking in my neck was tolerable and it was relatively Hubby-safe too.
But after taking the picture, I tried adjusting it a little and…
Okay. Sigh. In went that Flexi that I had tried to avoid.
And finally, a woollen hat over to protect my hair and scalp from the sun, wind and cold.

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