Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I was caught in a rainstorm before lunch and when I came home, my loose hairs had formed the most perfect little S-curls.
I loved them!
How can I recreate them in a way that doesn’t involve nasty cold rain?


  1. From my experience, hair texture changes as we age. My hair used to be pin straight. As I got into puberty, that changed. by 15, I had waves. Now? Spiral curls if I air dry my hair!! I mean, I used to pin curl my hair wet at night to get this result!!

    Perhaps after a wash day, let your hair air dry rather than braid/bun and see what you get?

    1. Nah, my hair type is definitely a 1B. Every time you see me with waves, is it from buns or a braid. These cute little spiral curls are the odd ones out... Never seen that reaction before :)