Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tried some new leave-ins

I was feeling fancy and wanted to try some new leave in-products instead of my usual orange Sunsilk.
I even had grand plans of making an in-depth analysis of them.
I didn’t really get around to it though.

First, the Aussie product (Granted, in association with two other Aussie conditioners) annoyed me so much with its scent that I gave it away.
It’s not even an unpleasant smell, it’s just so damn strong I couldn’t ignore it in the room. Weirder still, it seemed to give off a “puff” of smell every time I moved them?!

Then the Frizz ease made my skin break out. Hair didn’t mind, but my skin absolutely hated it and started itching on my hands and scalp. I don’t intentionally put leave in-conditioner on my scalp, but some will “travel” after I put it on the length and comb my hair into an updo.

The Toni&Guy leave in seemed nice enough. Too heavy for my taste and way too expensive though.

Meh. No reason to waste too much energy on products that just didn’t work for me.

The culprits: Itchy, Smelly and Expensive.


  1. Interesting! I love frizz ease conditioners (leave in or rinse out), but get this: Their shampoos(brilliant brunette) caused MY skin to break out!! I loved the shampoo, but my scalp was so ticked off, I had to rewash with a different shampoo to get the remains OFF my skin. I looked at the ingredients and have no idea why the shampoo would react to my skin, but the conditioner would not, other than I do up dos after my hair is dry--perhaps the ingredients in the conditioner don't bother me as much as the shampoo. We don't have sunsilk in my area anymore. Oh, what I would give to have my Timotei back! ;)

    1. Huh, that IS strange. I have the same experience with Palmolive conditioners: I can't say why from the ingredients, but it royally pisses my hair off!

  2. I don't think I've read one positive comment for Aussie product, them being smelling is almost nice. I remember people having really bad reaction to them, even hair loss.

    I bought a Balea Oil Repair leave-in a few weeks ago and quite like it. It has cones, but I wanted to have it when I wear my hair in a ponytail or even open, so it won't knot as badly and so far it works nicely. I don't think you could buy it in Sweden though, it's a German drugstore brand.

    Greets from former Gothic Lolita on LHC

    1. Hi Gothic Lolita!
      I didn't know that! But then again, I never pay much attention to brands... Scary though :S

  3. Ok, this is entirely weird. I follow another blog of a long hair, and she made the exact post you did--about leave ins!!! her name is Haartraum--not sure you know her. Just felt it was funny to mention! :D