Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Zero Cosmetics Memebox

Webmistress Igor delivers: A review of the zero cosmetics Memebox.

When I first saw it on the site, I was pretty excited. But I changed my mind like the second after I ordered this thing. It sounded good: No nasty chemicals, no nasty questionable ingredients. Yep, could be good for my sensitive skin.
But on the other hand: Natural products are usually stuffed full of aloe vera. I can’t tolerate aloe vera. Also, I often find that “natural” products have a bunch of essential oils in them too and they aren’t necessarily kind to sensitive skin.

Well, it arrived and I wasn’t particularly impressed.

In the back
All Nature Organic Mask Sheets. 4 of these: Blueberry, broccoli, black bean and huttuynia cordata.
I was amused at the choices of vegetables. Blueberry is a “superfood”, I know. But broccoli and black bean? Yea, okay why not. The last one was new to me though, so I checked Wikipedia. In English, it is known as lizard tail, chameleon plant, heartleaf, fishwort, and bishop's weed. That’s a lot of names! But alright, why not. Some exotic plant thingie. No problem.
Middle, left to right
Innerface Shy Blossom Soothing Serum. Ugh. Aloe-effing-vera. Great. This one is going in the pile of things I need to sell, trade or give away.
Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream. I tried this on my hands and it is super heavy, barely absorbs and leave a thick residue. I’m supposed to use this on my face, or…? Eh, I think not. A product this heavy would leave me irritated and itchy.
Papa Recipe Bombee Soap. Bar soap for the face. Eh… Maybe I’ll use it as a hand soap. Eventually.
Easydew Fresh Milk Sunblock SPF50. So far the product that made the most happy and it is only a sample size? Too bad. A sunblock with no nasties in it? Nice. I would want the full size.
Product info sheet and
Nature's Friend SaeHanuel Eye and Nourishing Cream. Haven’t tried this one yet, but since I have the Iope eye cream that I love and even have one of still unopened, this will go to the bottom of my to try-list.

My personal Memebox ranking so far
  1. Superbox #47 IOPE Box 2. I absolutely loved the Iope box. The skin products were wonderful and the air cushion the best foundation I’ve ever tried both in colour match and finish. I loved it so much I ordered a duplicate box.
  2. Superbox #16 Hair care. I haven’t tried the baobab oil or the Glam up steam pack, but the rest have absolutely been spot on and awesome.
  3. Memebox Special #10 Mask Edition 4. Even though not all the products were technically “masks”, I liked what I received.
  4. Memebox Special #14 Zero Cosmetics. Yea, this one just didn’t impress me.

Memeboxes on my way
I have a weird anxious anticipation of this one. It could be so awesome and yet, it could be full of so much crap that I can’t use.
This one is one of the few boxes that took so long to sell out that I could read an actual review of it. So I decided to order it based on the reviews I’ve seen online. It has a mix of inoffensive, useful and promising products.
This came as a package deal with the K-Beauty Wrap-Up and the Hair & Body 3 boxes. Not entirely sure what to expect of this. I guess it will contain some masks and stuff?
I’ve been so happy with the Korean facial and hair products I’ve tried so far, so I want more hair stuff and to try some products for the body.
I ordered this for one reason and one reason only: It contains a scalp scaling treatment. I effing loved that thing and I’ve been poking around the Meme-site looking for more ever since.
Sounds like a good scrub and clean-mix.
Sounds like fun! 
I had no interest in this one, but just about every single review I’ve read about the Whole Grain #1 has been completely and totally squeal-rave-love-amazeballs-“So when is the next one out??”-type of posts.
So, yea, I got curious and joined the hype.
I really do love the Korean sheet masks. More masks, please.
I like raw honey on my skin. Honey is awesome. So I wanted it.

Uh… 10 boxes. Whoops.


  1. Don't be embarrassed I have a bunch coming also for review! :)

  2. Hey!! There's nothing wrong with ordering these items!! I spend hundreds of dollars on horse gear/lessons/equipment. It's all relative to what you do/need.

    I'm very interested in their steam packs---was poking around the site last night. I need something for dry ends---my ends of my hair are rather parched, and nothing is really working. I suspect that my hospital stay may have dried my hair out, but my new growth is great!

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