Friday, 14 August 2015

500 k and thoughts on blogging

Look what I found this morning!

I cant believe I've had half a million hits on my blog now.
It really amazes me how so many people can find my hair and writing interesting!

My unusual growing out-story aside, what is the appeal to you all?

My guess is it's the honesty.
My blog is the (mostly) hair related things that actually happen in my life. The updos I take pictures of are the updos I would have done anyways, the treatments I write about are treatments I would have done anyways and the knowledge I write about is knowledge I would have looked up anyways.
I don't do anything "for" my blog I wouldn't have done anyways. I don't spend time on making a fancy updo just to take pictures of it for my blog.

Maybe that's it? My methods are simple and easy, and I have my own brand of laziness when it comes to care and updos. What I do can be copied by most other people.

One way or another, it's the honesty that keeps me personally checking in on a blog.
This is why I find the western oriented beauty bloggers to be such a total reading turn off. They really go with the lie of "Oh, I just rolled out of bed this way. Te-hee." The J and K-oriented beauty bloggers openly admit how much time and effort they spend on their looks and that honesty appeals to me. It's a kind of honesty I can appreciate: I see how many hours and how much effort it takes them to look like they do and I can go "Meh, not for me". Not like the western oriented beauty bloggers that makes me think I must be doing something fundamentally wrong.

In other news, my Hubby has been talking about starting a blog too! He would like to write about free training opportunities in the Lund-Malmö area, like the outdoors gyms and good running trails. I'm pretty excited about his idea and I hope it means we can combine photo opportunities.


  1. I first discovered the blog via your growing out YT video.
    Agree on your straightforward no BS approach.
    I also found personal affinity with your technical background similar to mine and how you apply that training to making logical evaluations of products and techniques.
    And let's be honest, what guy doesn't like to see pics of a lovely Scandinavian lady?

    1. Ah yes, the youtube video. I still regret ever bothering to make that one. Bleh.
      The background does help, but caring to read up on stuff is what really makes the difference :)

  2. When I read typical beauty blogs, I feel like an ugly person who does nothing to take care of themselves. They want to make me think I really need 5 eye creams, otherwise it means I don't care about my skin. Going out without your nails done or lipstick? You don't really take care of how you look like. And so on, and so on. Meh. When someone has a new favourite hair mask every month, how can I believe anything they write?

    1. Oh yes! And wow, serious pet peeve of mine there: When bloggers find something new they love so damn much and are "obsessed" about every single month and it *whoops* totally coincidentally and randomly is whatever is "in" at the moment. Why not just admit the hype made you curious? Ugh.

  3. Congrats Igor!

    I love reading you for the same reason I enjoyed your posts on LHC: straight forward, no kissy-kissy, nicey-kiss-my-butt posts and no frills.
    If you write about something, it's true. If you say you spend an hour on something, you probably did, maybe not to the minute, but certainly not five and then humblebrag here about your amazing skills. You do tell us when something went wrong, if you didn't like something. And you don't blog every single detail that happened in your life. I really can't stand bloggers that do that and feel the need to tell us exactly when they got up, went to the loo, fed the cat, watched paint dry, etc.
    So yeah, it comes down to honesty pretty much. And being down to earth. These days I have the feeling that a lot of bloggers are living in a pretty little Instagram bubble, full of white lace, fresh flowers,vegan macarons and lactose-free ice cream. Which is nice for them, but unrelatable for me. You don't do this, you do not seem to be spending an hour to have a lipstick stumble "just so" into your pictures and and feel like you are very much like this in real-life as you present yourself here. Which is why your blog is one of maybe a good handful that I still read.

    1. Thank you! And haha, yea, seriously. What do bloggers get out of it? Who goes out to buy macarons to place them as a background with a pearl necklace and tulips for some BB cream or whatever-product? I just... Why? I don't get it.

  4. I'm a long time reader but I rarely comment. Still, I had to put in my 2 cents on this topic ;)

    What is like about your blog is the fact that you choose substance over style. It's clear from that you prefer to have real, meaningful content rather than writing two or three random sentences with tons of Pinterest-type photos and calling it a blogpost. That's very refreshing in a sea of cookie-cutter beauty bloggers who are practically interchangeable. Sure, it's nice to look at pretty, Pinterest-y photos, but their charm soon wears off because I simply can't relate to such artifice. Besides, most of the beauty bloggers who do that for a living eventually lose any kind of critical thought and end up recommending/selling virtually anything.

    You, on the other hand, think things through and if you choose to experiment, you do it in a methodical way. You write about things as they are, you don't fake results, you review products in a no-nonsense way, you take normal photos... Granted, your hair is amazing, but that's not the reason why your blog is among the few I stop by frequently. I just like that you're real and don't pretend to be someone else.

    1. I appreciate you taking the time to reply ;) See, this is what makes it so awesome when I write my posts. Most of my readers "just" nod, agree with some and add their own critical thinking to what I wrote, but when I do get feedback it's very useful or thought provoking to me. I wouldn't get that with 20 pretty pictures of whatever I did to my hair that day. It's a self-strengthening spiral and I love it :)